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Want to further your understanding of the National Construction Code and construction industry?

Then be sure to listen to this episode of the Undercover Architect podcast, featuring Director of Deemed To Perform Consulting Laura Terrnova! Each week host and architect Amelia Lee provides personal insight into the residential building industry, with special guests also providing specialised insight including our very own Laura.

In Part One of this interview, Laura and Amelia discuss the role of a building surveyor in the construction industry, how to achieve success in obtaining building permits and the latest updates to the National Construction Code that you need to know for your next residential or commercial project.

This discussion should prove very helpful to both home owners and industry professionals, with Laura’s expert knowledge of approval processes key for those looking to undertake construction projects. With more than 35+ years of experience between Laura and Amelia, you’ll be in safe hands for this podcast!

Part Two of this Undercover Architect interview focuses on the process of achieving Performance Solutions, something that will become more and more important to understand in building approval processes for projects.

Thank you to Amelia for reaching out to Deemed To Perform Consulting for this interview series, it was great to share insight into the residential construction industry and should hopefully prove an enlightening resource for both home owners and builders looking to start their next project.

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Please note, the links to some of these pages may be out of date or superseded as the NCC2022 adoption occurs, or (later) the NCC2022 is superseded by newer legislation.

National Construction Code 2022 >>> https://ncc.abcb.gov.au/editions/ncc-2022

NCC2022 state and territory adoption dates >>> https://abcb.gov.au/ncc-2022-state-and-territory-adoption-dates

NCC 2022 overview of key changes: articles >>> https://ncc.abcb.gov.au/ncc-2022-overview-key-changes-articles

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